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The Hyfore CNC toolholders and accessories are world-renowned and our solutions will noticeably reduce production costs and set up times for your machine shop.

By choosing our high-quality tool holding equipment, not only will your machine have improved productivity, rigidity and security, but component quality and surface finishes will also improve. In summary, we can provide BT, HSK, face & taper, VDI, BMT, block tooling, ER collet chucks & collets, bushes, driven tooling and angle heads.

Courtesy of our technology partners like Acrow, Hyfore can provide high-quality NR, C-H and HC parts for your machining centres with a variety of sizes available to suitable for your drilling, milling and rotating application needs. The range includes collet chucks, power milling chucks and much more.

From Kintek, another esteemed partner of Hyfore, we can provide tapping collets, straight shank collet chucks and a wide range of ER collets. These ER collets offer specific features such as ‘high precision’ and being ‘sealed’ – giving you the product best suited for your needs.

For tooling applications on turning centres, Hyfore has a large selection of both driven and static toolholders with configurations to suit the majority of applications. Additionally, customers can access several VDI parts such as holders for boring bars, U-drills, bar stops and bar pullers.

Hyfore can also offer an array of tool holding accessories, such as our collection of Hardinge reduction bushes. These are available in HDQ, HDO, HDC and HDB and are guaranteed to be the longest-lasting and most accurate in the industry.

Alongside this, you will find a choice of tool tightening fixtures for CATV and BT Flanges that are paired with wrenches specifically for standard, lock and mini nuts.