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Get in touch with our team if you need our subcontract CMM Inspection services to verify your components and production. Our metrology engineers are ready to help.

If your quality and measurement department is overwhelmed, we can assist.

At Hyfore, we have a temperature-controlled facility with the latest CMM and measuring technology that can alleviate your bottleneck, improve your throughput and support your existing quality control department. Available at short notice, our subcontract CMM measurement services can accommodate part measurements up to 950 by 1605 by 800mm in the X, Y and Z axes.

We also offer full integration with 3D models, online and offline programming capabilities, scanning & profile analysis programs, and complete traceability reporting.
If you need peace of mind in your QA process, you can count on us to support your business needs.

Our cutting-edge inspection facilities enable us to provide a thorough inspection, which is crucial when manufacturing components for precision engineering applications. Our CMM Inspection services include but are not limited to:

  • 1-off component measurement
  • Batch/multi-component inspection
  • First Article Inspection

How our CMM Inspection Services Can Help

At Hyfore, we are dedicated to delivering quality and precision in every project we undertake. We’ve spent over 30 years refining our engineering processes by investing in cutting-edge technology and talent.

As an ISO-9001-certified business, our commitment to quality governs all we do. The benefits of our CMM inspection services are:

  • Excellence and precision ensured
  • Clear and flexible customer communication
  • Available at short notice
  • Industry-leading laboratory and technology

Our vast experience and quality services have allowed us to forge long-term partnerships across various industries. We have the expertise and technology to provide a holistic inspection service.
Get in touch today for our fast, flexible and comprehensive CMM inspection services.