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Samsys is a dynamic company, full of new ideas and high-quality products.

Today’s Samsys GmbH was originally founded by the Swiss company Samsys SA (then: Sameca SA) and has extensive experience in the area of bar feeders and loading magazines. Samsys products are known for their reliability.

For this reason, Samsys is preferred by manufacturers of the highest quality precision-turned parts. Our customers demand a high degree of automation in their machinery as well as economically efficient production processes.

Samsys bar feeders will increase your company’s productivity, which will in turn lower your unit cost. Samsys products include: Multi-3000, Multi-3000SL, Multi-3000remove, Samsys-Smart, Sam-Spindle, AutoSam 3.26, AutoSam 3.51, Samsys-MZ 03EL/04/07/07L, Samsys-SR 3/5/10, Mini Shaft Loader, Spindle Loader, MiJet.

For more Samsys videos, head to Hyfore Workholding’s Youtube Channel here.

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