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Workholding from Hyfore

Standard Workholding, Hydraulic Fixtures & Accessories

Hyfore Workholding designs and manufacturers a wide range of component fixturing devices. Fixtures can be either hydraulic power clamped or manual. Each fixture can be hard-mounted to the machine table or mounted in Hyfore-designed rotary devices. Thus, enabling the machining of multiple component faces in one clamp.

Hyfore Workholding’s range of hydraulic clamps are designed and manufactured in-house. Being recognised as being amongst the best systems available in the industry, due to their compact design and high clamping forces.

Workpiece Holding

  • To complement Hyfore’s design of powered fixtures, we offer a range of standard designs for work-piece fixtures and base-plates, including:
  • Tombstone fixtures (one piece castings and fabricated options)
  • Cubes (one piece castings & fabricated options)
  • Snap-on (zero point) plates
  • Fixture plates to suit any base elements
  • A range of clamps and devices
  • Special fixtures including design, development and prove-out using manual pneumatic and hydraulic clamping and chuck options

Rotary Devices

Our range of rotary devices for workpiece manipulation includes fourth and fifth-axis rotaries, indexers and rotary couplings. Hyfore’s unique blend of innovative design, quality, precision, manufacturing capability and in-depth experience make us the natural partner in your quest to maintain a truly World Class production organisation.


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