Originally founded by the Swiss company, SAMSYS SA, SAMSYS have engineered a reputation for exceptional quality and reliability. Favoured by manufacturers the world over, SAMSYS strive to maintain a youthful, dynamic approach to their design and development, resulting in a product range that’s hard to beat.

SAMSYS bar feeders are the product to beat, enabling leaps in productivity and, in turn, reductions in process costs, allowing manufacturers to become more competitive.

Samsys products include: Multi-3000, Multi-3000SL, Multi-3000remove, Samsys-Smart, Sam-Spindle, AutoSam 3.26, AutoSam 3.51, Samsys-MZ 03EL/04/07/07L, Samsys-SR 3/5/10, Mini Shaft Loader, Spindle Loader, MiJet