Universal support and clamping technology for production, metrology and assembly

MATRIX GmbH are a key industry innovator that Hyfore are proud to work with. Founded in 1997 and based in Germany, MATRIX have developed a unique and adaptable clamping system based upon and simple yet brilliant concept.

Using a pin cushion as inspiration, MATRIX set about designing a clamping system which used a series of adjustable pins to produce an almost infinitely variable clamping solution.

Brilliant as they are, MATRIX were able to achieve the first concept after a development time of just 11 months. From here they went onto prototyping and patenting their new design.

As a mark of the functional simplicity of their design, they were quickly able to acquire a number of prestigious clients, largely within the field of metrology.

Within two years of being founded, MATRIX began series production of their clamping system in 1999. Shortly after they began producing a number of variants with differing pin field sizes for a broad range of applications.

Since then, MATRIX have succeeded in expanding their sales base worldwide, supplying clients with clamping solutions to fit their needs and enhance their production.

What Matrix offer

Blue Clamp

This range allows goals to be met quickly and cost-effectively with small numbers of compact modules. Pin and function modules are grouped together to form modular kits. All of the elements in these systems are multi-functional and compatible. As a result, the number of individual modules is deliberately kept low.

MATRIX replaces costly specialist fixtures and heterogeneous molding elements

Even in combination with aluminum profiles, these produce large and complex measuring devices. Many suggestions based on customer experience have led to new concepts and solutions, and consequently to the development of new products.

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Mini Clamp

Small, lightweight and guarantees perfect support for even the most delicate components. The MINI CLAMP systems allow delicate components to be held quickly and precisely in laboratories and precision measurement rooms. Numerous individual modules and add-on parts are available for the modular construction. The system is assembled using just a single tool.

An optionally available adapter system allows the MINI CLAMP to be used in combination with other MATRIX products.

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Silver Clamp

When fast results need to be achieved in prototype construction or in pre-series production, a fast, flexible and easy-to-operate clamping system is required. As a result, professionals are choosing the innovative and patented MATRIX SILVER CLAMP system.

The perfect form fit means that minimum force is needed to guarantee maximum grip, effortlessly withstanding the forces of mechanical processing. It is especially ideal for free-form parts or parts with a sensitive surface. The SILVER CLAMP systems offer users precisely the clamping system they need whenever they need it.

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