Kosmek swing clamps can be pneumatically operated at just 5 bar without compromising clamping forces.

Hyfore Workholding Ltd. are pleased to announce they are now sole U.K. distributor for Kosmek products. Hyfore have the infrastructure to support this worldwide market leader in low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic technology. With the assistance of Hyfore, Kosmek, our trusted partner, will bring their state-of-the-art technology to the UK engineering sector.

Kosmek’s technological offerings to the engineering market have long been admired, setting them apart as a leader from competitors. The Japanese headquarters handle all manufacturing and supply all over the world, having a strong focus on ease of use and diverse functionality with their products. As a global leader in machine technology, Kosmek is bringing exciting things to the table here in Europe, including huge developments in low pressure technology, clamping, holding and more.

The low-pressure technologies offered and developed by Kosmek are some of the most efficient on the market. With these hydraulic low-pressure products (up to 70 bar) it is possible to gain the same clamping force of a high-pressure product (up to 350 bar) but at the same sizes. Kosmek are specialists in providing the smallest elements with the highest forces, offering durability, maintenance and quality.

In addition to these new low-pressure technologies, Kosmek also offers a patented Mechanical Lock Technology, which can offer up to 3 times higher clamping forces at the same size, and up to 7 times higher holding forces, also at the same size. Not only that, but components can be up to twice as small, and help to lessen distortion and bending of the work-piece.

Pneumatic technology offered by Kosmek work with Mechanical Lock Technology to provide a top-quality product, and this isn’t limited; ‘oil free’ machining centres (such as Fanuc Robodrill) save thousands when choosing Kosmek pneumatic technology.

Bringing this technology to Europe has great implications for many engineering sectors. Machining centres can become smaller, and therefore cheaper, and Kosmek technology guarantees maintenance free products guaranteed for a minimum of 1 million loads. More work-pieces on a single fixture also gives capacity for higher output without the need to incorporate more machines into the process. With the new low-pressure and pneumatic technology, safety for the operators is also increased, something which can never be underestimated in importance.

With over 30 years of experience in low pressure and pneumatic technology, Kosmek are continuing to be leaders in this field. more than 300 patents worldwide and the widest product range of all competitors, Kosmek stand out with expertise and guaranteed high quality results.

Investigate the range of Kosmek products today and see how they can help you optimize your product manufacturing processes. Visit hyfore.shop/kosmek to see the full range of products on offer today or call Rob Beckett to arrange a demonstration on 024 7699 3153.