Streamlining productivity on your machining centre has never been so easy with the arrival of the Midaco manual pallet changing system from Hyfore Workholding. This cost-effective system can be integrated into virtually any machining centre to improve your up-time and spindle utilisation rates whilst reducing your costs.

With decades of expertise in fast change pallet systems, USA based Midaco has now developed its latest range of adaptable pallet systems that are available from the UK’s leading automation, workholding and integration experts, Hyfore Workholding. The Midaco manual pallet interface incorporates a compact shuttle with telescopic legs that can be adapted to fit all machine tools, including machines with swarf and coolant systems. Sitting on the guide rails are a receiver and pallet with precision retention studs to guarantee positional accuracy in the machine tool whilst an ‘easy-flip’ cast iron handle precisely locks the pallet onto the receiver. As the low-profile receiver does not require an air supply, it is extremely versatile and compatible with vertical, horizontal and special purpose machine tools.

By creating a uniform pallet system outside the work envelope, the Midaco pallet changer enables operators to load, unload, inspect components and set up jobs whilst the alternative pallet is in the machine processing your components. For batch, production and repeat components, this dedicated solution offers significantly improved production times whilst the uniform pallet configuration can easily be interchanged between machine tools or even departments.

Manufacturers can also opt for Midaco’s front-loading ‘side by side’ shuttle pallet system that is supplied with one cast-iron pneumatically powered receiver or cast aluminium pallets and one ‘side by side’ shuttle interface that allows the operator to switch pallets in seconds. With this system, the operator simply activates the pneumatically powered receiver that mounts to the machine table and clamps the pallet. This completed pallet can be rolled out of the machine to the shuttle and the next pallet can be quickly rolled into the machine and clamped in seconds.

Completely adaptable to the needs of the end-user, the manual pallet system is available in a range of variations that include pallet sizes from 406 by 356mm to the largest pallet size of 1,829 by 762mm. The floor area can vary from 1,905 by 508mm to 5,842 by 864mm with the entire system completely configurable to the machine tool and floor area requirements of the end-user.

As well as providing an expansive range of manual and automated pallet handling systems, Hyfore Workholding is also the UK’s leading supplier of standard and specialist workholding solutions as well as the industry’s leading bespoke workholding, clamping and automation experts. With an internal team of design engineers and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Hyfore has a team of 30 engineers that can go above and beyond your requirements to engineer, implement and prove out a workholding, fixturing, jig or clamping system and even automate the solution to meet the exact needs of your business. So, if you want something as simple as a tool holder or vice through to specialist products or even bespoke hydraulic workholding systems – it’s time to call Hyfore.