Goodman Engineering, based in Milton Keynes, specialises in the production of exceptionally high-quality engine components for the world of Formula 1 racing. These components are becoming increasingly complex and more challenging to engineer as the industry advances.

In response to this demand for increasingly high-tolerance components, Goodman recently invested in a new range of Acrow tooling from Hyfore. This new tooling allows Goodman to achieve the same results as with their previous shrink-fit methods, but with considerably reduced tooling changeovers.

This is made possible thanks to Acrow’s intelligent, industry-leading design, access to which is granted by Hyfore’s expansive knowledge and supply chain.

Since adopting the new Acrow tooling, Goodman Engineering have been more than pleased with their new solution, able to increase production efficiency and reduce tooling costs.

As a result, Goodman will be better placed to continue to produce the specialised parts that they have become known for, serving the demanding F1 market.

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