Precision holemaking can be a daunting prospect without the correct boring tools. Thankfully, Hyfore Workholding has now introduced a comprehensive range of Acrow precision boring systems that can cater for all your hole making requirements.

The extensive range includes the impressive BSD fine boring system, the FBH/NBJ and the FBH84 modular fine boring system, which can accommodate an extremely diverse application range. The BSD system is available with a BT30, BT40 and BT50 variant as well as a shank end for clamping in existing collet chucks – a combination that demonstrates diversity and flexibility to meet the requirements of the user. The BSD is perfectly suited to both rough and fine boring as the boring cartridges are securely clamped in the boring head. It is available with a range of options that includes adaptors for creating precision bores from 20 to 153mm diameter. Furthermore, the high-quality BSD boring system has an effective machining depth from 50mm through to 240mm. With each setting on the scale equivalent to 0.005mm and an additional fine adjustment vernier setting scale that is precise to 0.001mm, the BSD system is perfect for most machine shops.

Complementing the BSD system is the FBH/NBJ modular fine boring system from Hyfore Workholding. Like the BSD, the FBH/NBJ is available with a round shank end to fit sleeves or collets, or as a BT30, BT40 or BT50 variant. Both variants are suitable for boring holes from 3.5 to 40mm whereas the boring head incorporates a rigid 55 or 64mm diameter head with an adjustment dial that increases in 0.005mm increments with a high precision vernier scale for adjustments of 0.001mm. This solution is also offered through a coolant facility to direct flow to the cutting edge and support chip evacuation as well as extending tool life.

For longer reach applications, Hyfore Workholding can also offer the FBH84 modular fine boring system that demonstrates exceptional precision with its fine adjustment boring head system as well as a clamping and adjustment system for the corresponding FBH84 boring bars. This modular technology offers manufacturers a BT40, BT50, NT40 or NT50 back end that works seamlessly with the boring head that can be adjusted from 8 to 280mm diameter. The FBH84 boring bars that seamlessly fit the boring head are available in a variety of diameter ranges and lengths, making the FBH84 boring line the most flexible boring system for the modern machine shop.

As well as providing an expansive range of precision boring tools, Hyfore Workholding is also the UK’s leading supplier of standard and specialist workholding solutions as well as the industry’s leading bespoke workholding, clamping and automation experts. With an internal team of design engineers and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Hyfore has a team of 30 engineers that can go above and beyond your requirements to engineer, implement and prove out a workholding, fixturing, jig or clamping system and even automate the solution to meet the exact needs of your business. So, if you want something as simple as a tool holder or vice through to specialist products or even bespoke hydraulic workholding systems – it’s time to call Hyfore.