At Hyfore, we know that when investing in a new machining centre, it is sometimes easy to overlook how important the behind-the-scenes work is that toolholding undertakes. This is why we have recently had the pleasure of launching a new toolholding range, courtesy of partner company Acrow.

With our expertise having primarily been focused on workholding rather than toolholding, we are excited to begin expanding the services and products we can provide to our customers. The Acrow toolholding range is the perfect way to begin this journey. With a large selection of unique and high-quality collect style pieces, they fit perfectly into Hyfore’s current project portfolio.

The product selection includes the likes of NR, C-H and HC, with the latter having the capabilities to match heat shrink holders in terms of accuracy. Some other advantages of using the Acrow range are gaining high-speed, high-precision and more capacity per holder. The flawless design enables ease of access, with changing over collets due to breakage or other issues being incredibly simple. Last, but not least, they have the capability to host impressive gauge lengths of up to 150mm!

If this wasn’t enough, we can offer this bespoke line of products at a reduced price. We currently have a special offer for new customers, enabling you to save 25% off the whole range! So why not see the benefits for yourself and check out the Acrow range here.

Acrow - Hyfore