Workholding, Factory Automation and Robotics

Hyfore Workholding Limited are delighted to be the sole UK distributor for Kosmek products.

A well-established Japanese manufacturer with an impressive number of subsidiaries and sales offices worldwide, Kosmek specialises in the manufacture and sale of pneumatic and hydraulic workholding solutions for clamping, positioning, work support and factory automation, such as robotic hand changers.

With their unique hydraulic low-pressure (up to 70bar) product offering, Kosmek has created a range of workholding that’s able to compete against other hydraulic high-pressures (up to 350bar), even at same sizes!

With their patented mechanical Lock Technology, Kosmek workholding enables the user to achieve higher clamping forces (up to 3 times) and newly added holding forces (up to 7 times) – this, in turn, gives the user the ability to replace hydraulic clamps with pneumatic clamps with similar forces (‘oil-free’ machines).

Kosmek holds more than 300 patents – this guarantees more efficient manufacturing, shower cycle times (for example, five face manufacturing in one operation), simple, cost-effective fixtures and smaller machining centres.

Kosmek’s broad product range includes work clamping systems, factory automation, Quick Mould Change (QMC), Quick Die Change (QDC), clamping and supporting and diecast change systems.

Their extensive catalogue has helped leading manufacturers around the world optimise their product manufacturing whilst reducing their total cost of ownership (TCO).

Kosmek also supply an extensive range of low- and high-pressure hydraulics, high-power pneumatics, mechanical lock technology, workpiece clamping, work support and holding, swing and link clamp, positioning and locating, zero-point systems, pallet and hole clamps, robotic hand changers, fixture building, valves, couplings and auto couplings, non-leak valves, air and hydraulic units and linear cylinders.

Kosmek expertise also lies in the production of vices and centring vices, grippers, robotics, control valves, screw locators, expansion locating pins, rotary joints, pneumatic sensor pins, automotive, transfer and assembly, push and pull cylinders, overload protectors, sequence valves, holding force and reducing valves.

What Kosmek offer

Special Products

Kosmek offers a vast range of specialised products, from link type side clamps through to centring pallet clamps. Their product offering consists of, but is not limited to:

  • Centring vices
  • Expansion Locating Pin (major diameter datum cylinder) and corrosion proof ELP
  • Datum hole clamps
  • Centring cylinder for bore
  • Lever turning, transfer hole, push swing, high power side and centring pallet clamps
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Quick Die Change Systems (QDCS)

Kosmek QDCS can effectively reduce automatic clamping, whilst replacing labour-intensive bolt tightening.

  • Loading/unloading of dies is safe and secure with die lifters and pre-rollers
  • The operation panel has user-friendly push-button controls
  • The interlock circuit reduces operator error, consequently making the workplace safer
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Quick Mould Change Systems (QMCS)

QMCS reduces mould change time for injection moulding machines.

  • Kosmek QMCS for injection moulding machines are safe and reliable
  • Dramatically reduces mould change times
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Robotic Products

Kosmek automation product offering, alongside set-up, creates improvements throughout every process of production:

  • The robotic tool changer – tool change for robot standardisation
  • Robotic hand for workpiece and pallet transfer
  • Expansion locating pin for high-accuracy
  • Clamp and work support – for workpiece fixing jigs
  • Auto coupler – air and fluid supply to pallet
  • Location clamp – for high accuracy pallet change with reduced set-up times
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Kosmek workholding is renowned for durability and quality – offering the best in hole, swing, link, pallet and pull stud clamps.

We also stock a range of other work supports, control valves, rotary joints and hydraulic air units.

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Technical Advantages

Low Pressure Technology
  • Use of standard oil supply of machining centres
  • Fewer boosters and pressure reducing valves required
  • Sequence valves on the same pressure level (a Kosmek patent)
  • Increased safety for the operators
  • Less effort and costs for fixture manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed for a multitude of uses – maintenance free!
Pneumatic Technology
  • Hydraulic clamping forces produced by air
  • The Mechanical Lock Technology has 3X higher clamping and 7X higher holding force
  • Perfect for ‘oil-free’ machining centres
  • Very easy piping with standard plastic pipes (Festo)
  • Compensation of pressure drops in the air circuit through mechanical locks
  • No oil or electricity in critical processes (washing machines, coating, etc.)
  • No boosters and pressure reducing valves
  • Sequence valves on the same pressure level (a Kosmek patent)
  • Improve  safety for the operators
  • Less effort and costs for fixture manufacturing and maintenance.
  • Guaranteed for a multitude of uses – maintenance free!
Mechanical Lock Technology at 70bar hydraulic (Kosmek patent)
  • Up to 3X higher clamping forces (at same size like high-pressure oil)
  • Up to 7X higher holding forces (at same size like high-pressure oil)
  • Up to 2 sizes smaller elements
  • Less distortion and bending of the work-piece
  • Backside machining against the lever which saves operations
  • Mechanical lock is available in low pressure hydraulic and pneumatic at:
    • Swing clamps
    • Link clamps
    • Hole Clamps
    • Pallet Clamps (Zero Point System)
    • Work Supports
    • Transfer Hole Clamps (Automation)
    • Push-/Pull cylinder
    • Twist Clamps (Mold and Die Change Systems)


  • Machining Centers become smaller, simpler and cheaper
  • More work-pieces on a fixture means higher output
  • Less necessary manufacturing operations
  • Less maintenance needed on machines and fixtures
Locating solutions
  • Repeatability of up to 3 micron
  • Hydraulic, pneumatic and manual
  • Locating and clamping at performed at once.
  • Clamping force up to 40kN per clamp (zero point system)
Factory Automation/Robotic Hand Changer
  • Repeatability of up to 3 micron
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Zero backlash prevents moment stops
  • Holding force at 0bar
  • IP67 waterproof electrodes