About Us

Hyfore Workholding brings a whole new level of capabilities – helping customers through prototyping to low-volume manufacture. Hyfore Workholding offers bespoke prototyping, low volume manufacturing and component verification service. Equipped with the 3 and 4-axis machining centres, CNC turning machines and the latest CMM inspection equipment, Hyfore Workholding is there to help customers develop and verify their processes, manufacture prototypes and carry out one-off and low-volume machining as a pre-production, product development or special requirements service.

Getting the most out of CNC Machines

Hyfore Workholding can assist its clients to realise significant savings in medium and high-volume CNC production using cost effective bespoke workholding systems that helps increase machine utilisation.

Hyfore Workholding Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality, bespoke workholding systems for metalcutting, welding and assembly applications.

Cost-effective bespoke design

Hyfore’s highly-qualified, specialist engineers are dedicated to provide complete solutions to customers’ manufacturing requirements and offer complete turnkey solutions including:

  • Mechanical and electronic design utilising CAD/CAM 3D modelling. This capability gives us a clear advantage when viewing complex fixtures and tool cutter paths, in relation to the fixture design.
  • Quality testing and prove-out to agreed standards
  • Project management
  • After-sales service support
  • Simultaneous engineering contracts
Hyfore Workholding, it's gripping stuff.

Hydraulic Fixtures & Accessories

Hyfore designs and manufacturers a wide range of component fixturing devices, both power clamped and manual. Each device can be hard-mounted to the machine table or mounted in Hyfore-designed rotary devices for the machining of multiple component faces in one clamping.

Our range of hydraulic clamps are fully designed and manufactured in-house. They are recognised as being amongst the best systems available in the industry, due to their compact design and high clamping force.

Work-Piece Holding

To complement Hyfore’s design of powered fixtures we offer a range of standard designs for work-piece fixtures and base-plates, including:

  • Tombstone fixtures (one piece castings and fabricated options)
  • Cubes (one piece castings & fabricated options)
  • Snap-on (zero point) plates
  • Fixture plates to suit any base elements
  • A range of clamps and devices
  • Special fixtures including: design, development and prove-out using manual pneumatic and hydraulic clamping and chuck options

Rotary Devices

Our range of rotary devices for workpiece manipulation includes fourth and fifth-axis rotaries, indexers and rotary couplings.

Hyfore’s unique blend of innovative design, quality, precision, manufacturing capability and in-depth experience make us the natural partner in your quest to maintain a truly World Class production organisation.